Here's my simple 3-step formula for internet marketing success:

1) Multiple Streams of Income
2) Using easy Set and Forget Projects
3) That run on Autopilot

Hello, my name is Brock Braddock...

Just about every day I get a check in the mail, a Paypal payment notification, a direct deposit into my bank account or some other form of Cash Payment from something I did months or even years ago.

Some of these payments are small. For example, I get one check every month that is usually around $11.00. It's been coming in every month like clockwork for the past five years. My total time commitment for this revenue stream is zilch. Total investment -- about $7.00 a year to register a domain name.

Another one pays around $3.00 every single day! Total investment is 0 and once I got it set up I don't have to do anything to keep it going.

Then I also have my big dollar income streams. These take more time and work to set up but the cash they bring in is well worth the effort.

Join my “Set and Forget Projects” list and I'll share the profit pulling techniques I use to generate multiple streams of income using easy Set and Forget Projects that run on autopilot.

Here's just a small sample of some of the techniques I'll be revealing:

  • A downright sneaky ClickBank Technique that allows you to make commissions on products you don't promote. (in fact once this is set in motion you never have to do anything again!)

  • My Mysterious – almost magical – time released blogging system. (A blog that updates itself! I can't even imagine a use for something like that – can you? ;)

  • How to tap into the absolute best converting traffic available on the internet (and how to get this traffic for less then 2 cents a day!)

  • An ingenious way to create a monthly reoccurring income stream using Private Label Right's products. (NO Website, NO Traffic, NO List required)

  • And of course… much, much more! Just sign up at the link below:

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